Vocal instrumental program

Women's choral group

As part of the ensemble, from 2017.year , it and a female singing group he's working with prof.Katarina Popovic along with the priceless mentoring by our dear and esteemed associates doc.dr. Zlate Marjanovic.

National orchestra

Repertoire of the national orchestra under the baton of professor. Milenko Martic, covers aranžmanski processed performing adaptation and choreography with the territory of the republic Of Montenegro and from Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition national orchestra on their permanent repertoire has a large number of folk melodies and songs from almost all parts of ex YU, and something beyond.


1. L'jepa Maro,l'jepa you, Lepetane, Tivat
2. In the court of the chatter stands, Lastva, Tivat
3. St happy it's the middle of the night, Muo, Kotor
4. Sang you, sang, Grbalj, Kotor
5. Welcome two đevera, Spič, at Least
6. Sheep watch Bojana, Bjelasica, Kolašin
7. Dragon passing, Morača, Kolašin
8. Clear skies, around color, Pepelj, Uzice
9. Dear nanna, juvenu me half, Vrućica, Teslić
10. Taking a nap to me, I would sleep, mother, White Field
11. Mile my across the river, Šumadija
12. The girl's green bor sadila, Montenegro
13. Sea izgrejala bright moonlight, Kosovo
14. Collage of the Macedonian folk songs
15. A combination of folk songs, and car 1
16. A combination of folk songs, and cars 2


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