The dance repertoire

Preserved americana treasure for centuries, serves as an inspiration to many artists in creating valuable art in the field of music, dance and ballet. The folklore ensemble “Nikola Đurković” with their scene performances, rich repertoarom and routines for years ago one of the leaders in prezentovanju authentic folk creativity with these space.

Vocal instrumental

Our girls from izvođačkog ensemble, for almost 2 years working on the presentation of old folk original songs, with a special emphasis on songs from Boka Kotorska bay. The biggest credit for it by the professor.Katarina Popovic, has and our dear and valued associate doc.dr. Gold Marjanovic.

Repertoire of the national orchestra covers aranžmanski processed choreography from Montenegro and from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Younger uzrastne categories

Children's folklore section count more than 170 members, who are deployed in more uzrastnih group. Every school year, these groups are joining the children of the school's folklore section of the several oldest books of kotor elementary schools with whom the folklore ensemble “Nikola Đurković” actively cooperate.


The folklore ensemble “Nikola Đurković” Kotor

Address: House of culture Škaljari bb, Kotor

Tel: + 382 68 300 811


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