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The folk ensemble “Nikola Đurković”

At the end of 2009. year in Which the ensemble was created, which now has 246 permanent members. The ensemble features 8 folklorno – slot groups, of different ages, women choral group and folk band.

The ensemble is a full and active member of the Association of folk ensembles Montenegro UFA CG as the National section of the world organization of folklore festivals and folk arts – CIOFF.


Mission “Đurkovića” animation and training of participants, the study, collection, processing and djelimična scensko show the rich dance and vocal instrumental tradition of Kotor and Montenegro, but also in other parts of the Balkans, like in Montenegro and outside its borders, with a planned, systematic and permanent supervision and konsultacije in all segments of work and action.


The vision of the folk ensemble of the ensemble "Nikola Đurković" that is constantly to be successful and a recognizable promoter of traditional culture of Montenegro and Boka.

"Our goal is the constant professional improvement and quality performance in addition to cooperating with sincere friends and professional assistants. The main motto and driving force behind a smile and positivism of our members“

Professor Predrag Šušić


– continuous training of members to become better acquainted with traditional culture
– restoration of old and acquisition of new folk costumes and props
– extension and improvement of cooperation with cultural, vaspitno-educational and other institutions and organizations
to ensure the quality of performance and to position itself in the ensemble as a cultural brand of the city of Kotor and regions

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The folklore ensemble “Nikola Đurković” Kotor

Address: House of culture Škaljari bb, Kotor

Tel: + 382 68 300 811

Email: pedjafolk@gmail.com

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